I live with my ex because of our dogs.

How our best friends made us best friends.

Taco, Ruby, Hazel and Sancho
Our rescue dogs Rosie and Manny. She was on her last day at the shelter, and he was found sitting in the middle of the street in DTLA.
  1. Do you date other people? It’s 2019. Is anybody dating anymore?
  2. Why do you live with your ex? Ah finally. An easy question.
  1. We are too much dog people for regular dog people. Who else but a crazy Def-Con Dog Person would put up with my dog treat business that has taken over my house and my life because I have this Quixotic idea that I can disrupt the 2 billion dollar a year Pet Food Industry and wipe out canine cancer?
  2. Our dogs give us the opportunity to love each other. We lost three dogs in one year. It was (obviously) awful. They did not go gently into that good night and it felt like the grief was going to destroy us. But I also remember how much softer Aaron and I were to each other that year. I remember how easily he went with me to every oncologist in Los Angeles when Sally was first diagnosed (This is not a guy who likes to leave his office, much less his house). I remember finding out that he quietly sold his grandfather’s watch to pay for Manny’s liver surgery. And I remember watching him carry Rosie across the traffic barriers on Santa Monica Boulevard during the LA Marathon to get her to the emergency room. And I remember every time we lost a dog and it felt like Aaron was the only person in the world who understood how awful it was. And what a blessing it was when he would find me in the backyard lying on the ground and crying in front of our St. Francis statue. “Let’s go. It’s time to go drinking.” And that helped.
St. Francis

Writer (Entourage, more), Screenwriting Teacher (LAFS) and Ghostwriter. Kind of obsessed with dogs, dog nutrition, and all dogs on IG.

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