My vegan origin story.

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This summer I was driving from Santa Fe to Denver with my mother to pick up her new puppy. We were listening to Michelle Obama’s book and had recently crossed the border from New Mexico into Colorado. The view outside my window was relaxing; rural and green and open, exotic adjectives for somebody who has spent her entire grown up life living in Los Angeles.

My mother pulled into a gas station so I could take over driving the final few hours to our hotel where we would spend the night before picking up the puppy…

Why the antidote to this year’s 4th of July could be Instagram.

@thatdoodlechewie Living his best life

If you’re like me and went online or listened to the radio or turned on the television this morning, you might have thought you should have paid more attention to “The Handmaids Tale” and now it’s too late to move to Canada.

Because for the first time in our history July 4th, the holiday we set aside to celebrate America and her independence and the beginning of a great new experiment in an individual’s right to pursue happiness, is being celebrated on the National Mall with armored tanks…

How our best friends made us best friends.

Taco, Ruby, Hazel and Sancho

I’ve been living with the same guy for the last thirteen years. If that’s all you knew about us, you’d probably want to know our secret for making our relationship last.

Hold on.

We used to be together. You know, romantically. I worked for a producer who was developing his first movie. One night we got drunk, had sex, and the next night he took me to the Ivy. Guys in LA don’t usually do that, at least in my experience. We started dating. We moved in together. It didn’t work out…

And the four simple lessons her death taught me about life.

Two days shy of her 12th birthday my first dog Sally passed away from a very rough (for both of us), eight-month battle with canine bladder cancer. On May 15th of this year, my partner and I marked the fourth anniversary of her passing with a Yuhrzeit candle (I’m not Jewish, my partner is, so we joke that she was half Jewish) that burned for three days and ended with me finally finding grace and blessings in her death.

During those first few weeks after she passed, I barely…

On making peace with the end of the “Friends”

I’m exactly Jennifer Aniston’s age, let’s just get that out of the way. But the point is, I’m a true “Friends” era girl. Not watch it on Netflix while you’re posting about it on IG, but actual original airing viewing, NBC “Must See TV” watching it. With your friends. Every Thursday night over chopped La Scala salads at Jill’s apartment on Robertson. Heaven.

And almost every weekend, me and my best friend roommate would have bbq’s in our backyard on Sixth Street, full of our friends and their friends and their friends. Heaven.

Back in the pre-aughts. most of us…

Why we all need to chill the F out and tap into our inner dolphin.

Photo by Pablo Gentile on Unsplash

Aw man, thanks for coming to my little piece of the internet. Seriously. I know you usually spend your Medium time reading important articles that get thousands of claps and promise to make you a much more interesting person than this article will.

But seriously, do you notice how quiet it is here without all the clapping? And doesn’t it feel good knowing I’m not going to give you any bullet point homework assignments on how to live a more productive/happy/better life RIGHT NOW?


Lisa Alden

Writer (Entourage, more), Screenwriting Teacher (LAFS) and Ghostwriter. Kind of obsessed with dogs, dog nutrition, and all dogs on IG.

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